This catalog includes the many types of resources produced by the individual partners and the partnership as a whole. For informal updates on partner work that might not include published products, visit our Activities page.

NNIPCamp Notes: Definitions of Civic Engagement

Meeting Materials - By: Preston Rhea
May 6, 2015

NNIPCamp May 2015: Discussion of Legacy Cities

Meeting Materials - By: Bob Gradeck
May 6, 2015

NNIPCamp May 2015: NNIP and the Fed

Meeting Materials - By: Naomi Cytron
May 6, 2015

NNIPCamp May 2015: Local Labor Market Indicators

Meeting Materials - By: Matt Gee
May 6, 2015

NNIPCamp May 2015: Neighborhood Change Database

Meeting Materials - By: Rob Pitingolo
May 6, 2015

Urban Institute
NNIP Coordinator

NNIPCamp May 2015: Regional Data Systems

Meeting Materials - By: Scott Gaul
May 6, 2015

Technology for Managers Agenda

Meeting Materials - By: The Urban Institute
May 5, 2015

Restaurant list for Pittsburgh

Meeting Materials - By: UCSUR
May 5, 2015

University Center for Social and Urban Research

Overview of New Tech Tools

Presentation - By: Eleanor Tutt
May 5, 2015

St. Louis